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Nigeria's Ahmed Musa says Ethiopia was the toughest opponent at Nation's Cup
Ahmed Musa has told Ethiopia posed a much tougher challenge for the Eagles than Cote d’Ivoire at the recent AFCON. 

The CSKA Moscow star also admitted he was not at his best in South Africa, but has promised a better outing at the FIFA Confederations Cup in June as well as the 2014 World Cup, all in Brazil. 

The interview:

MTNFOOTBALL.COM: How would you describe your experience at just concluded Africa Cup of Nations? 

AHMED MUSA: It was a great and worthwhile experience, something I have never witnessed.

You won the Nations Cup in only your first outing. 

I was on top of the world when the referee blew the final whistle against Burkina Faso to signal that we are the champions. It was a great one for me.

What was going through your mind during the game against Ethiopia when the goal was not forthcoming? 

I was not too comfortable, but I had hope and belief that we will win, but I didn’t know by how many goals and how the goals would come.

So, which was your toughest game at Nations Cup? 

Ethiopia were our toughest opponents. That match was tougher than the one against Cote d’Ivoire and even the final. 

What made the Super Eagles to fly so high in South Africa? 

We saw ourselves as same blood, brothers fighting for one cause. That was what made us to win the trophy.

Who do you dedicate your AFCON winners’ medal to?

I dedicate it to the entire people of Nigeria because they supported me and the team in prayers.

Who was the first person you talked to after the final match? 

My mother

Everybody expected Cote d’Ivoire to beat Nigeria in the quarterfinals, but was not the case. Would you say that was the turning point for the Eagles? 

Not really. It is true that majority of people saw the match against Cote d’Ivoire as our last in South Africa, but we never believed they are better than us. We went into this game with very high hopes to win it. 

How would you describe the reception you got on arrival in Nigeria? 

It was heartwarming. Right from the airport people showed us love. We were very happy with the turnout of the fans. 

After winning the Nations Cup, what is your next target with the Eagles? 

My target is to go to the World Cup next year and perform far batter there.

You were in killer form before the AFCON and Nigerians were looking up to you as one of the players to even gun for the top scorer award, what happened that Ahmed Musa slowed down there? 

That is football for you. It is up and down. I did my best though, but I am looking forward to a better display at the World Cup. Confederations Cup is our next competition and winning the trophy is also the target.

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