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Kebele Id cards should not be given to Ethiopian diaspora who changed citizenship:Immigration office

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Published by Administrator in Ethiopian News
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  • myliveafricatv Added Thanks posting for Diaspora TV Diaspora TV.
  • ዳዱ Added አረ ሌላም ጉድ አለ እባካቹ ብዙ ጊዜ የአዲስ አበባ ነዋሪ ማህደሩን የማየት ልምድ ስለሌለው የቤቱ ባለቤት ሳያውቅ በቤቱ ውስጥ ሌላ ሰው ተመዝግቦ ያገኘዋል
  • eden Added This is so funny. Whear is the Gov. After this all. They open the system open thats why staffs and delala using the advantage
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  • mahalat Added betam letasebebet yemegebaw goday nawbeye kefele haguru mefeteshe alebet bay nagn
  • nanui Added have u seen all the immigration authority officials.......oh zy r all tigriyans
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